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Our Charlotte, NC tech will boot your IT service problems to the curb

Modern computer technology is full of hazards. Maybe you opened that one email you knew you shouldn't have, and now a virus is getting cozy with your hard drive. Or your slow connection is causing your business to lose money. Perhaps you need network monitoring services to handle outages and other problems. We can help! Our experts have over 22 years of experience in this industry. We do everything from hardware and laptop repair, database services, to cloud and network management. We even can handle server management, software repair, and IT services, and managed services in general.

RU Seeing Red Technology Solutions is home to the knowledgeable technician you've been looking for. We can deal with all these issues and more including laptop repair and network management. Call our Charlotte office now to schedule residential and commercial IT services.

A skilled technician with over 22 years of experience will keep you from seeing red

Does the thought of spending hours on the phone with an incompetent computer repair specialist seem unbearable? Are you tired of restarting your computer time and time again to no avail? Choose RU Seeing Red Technology Solutions for stress-free computer repair, network management solutions, and managed IT services.

Our technician has over two decades of IT service experience. He's your smart choice for:

RU Seeing Red Technology Solutions in Charlotte, NC will analyze your hardware and software issues before explaining the next step. Speak with a qualified IT professional today.

Get a fast solution to your IT trouble

In this fast-paced, technology-driven world, you don't have time to wait for a properly functioning computer. That's why we offer prompt assistance, as well as emergency services when time is of the essence. Count on our IT professional when you need to get the computer in your home or business back up and running in a hurry.

We don't just fix your computer - we work to protect it from future virus attacks and other issues. Schedule a consultation with RU Seeing Red Technology Solutions in Charlotte, NC immediately.

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