Find Out the Moment Something Goes Wrong With Your Network

Find Out the Moment Something Goes Wrong With Your Network

Let a Charlotte, NC tech manage your technology

Prevent bugs from slowing down your network. Get help setting up Microsoft 365. RU Seeing Red Technology Solutions is your IT company of choice for repairing any software or hardware problems.

Our IT professional relies on over 20 years of experience to:
  • Install firewall and anti-virus software
  • Monitor your network and provide management and support
  • Manage your cloud application with management and support
  • Server monitoring, management, and support
  • IT process automation
  • Equipment procurement & technology life-cycle management
  • Workstation monitoring, management, and support

We’ll inspect your network to determine the functionality and age of your computer before providing a quote based on your device. After we’ve completed the job, we’ll contact you monthly for status updates. Schedule a consultation with an experienced network technician today.

Committed to being your go-to IT company

Since we first went into business, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation based on reliable computer repair services. Besides managing your network, we can also repair your hardware, upgrade your software and install iSeries.

We are committed to streamlining your company's strategies, standards, and practices. For a monthly fee, we will watch your company's network with software installed on your server and/or all of your PC's and provide support and management. Our goal is to reduce risk and improve your business' work flow and efficiency saving you time and trouble in the long run.

Count on the IT professional at RU Seeing Red Technology Solutions in Charlotte, NC for the help you’ve been looking for.